Mage Sight Edit


Description Edit

Detect all magical items in your field of vision. Each such item will have a glow or “aura,” similar to the aura of a living being. This glow is visible through clothes, armor, or up to 1/2” of solid material.

The aura of a permanently enchanted item will be stronger than that of something under a temporary spell. Enchanted (or magical) beings also glow, though mages themselves do not unless they actually have spells on them at the moment. The aura may also give a clue to an item’s nature. On a good roll, for instance, fire spells will have a distinctive red glow, and evil items will somehow seem to have a “black glow” in their auras. A critical success with this spell lets the caster fully identify every magic item he sees. Note that this ability is essentially a more reliable version of the magical sense that comes with Magery 0 (p. B66).

Stats Edit

Duration: 1 minute.

Cost: 3 to cast. 2 to maintain.

Time to cast: 1 second.

Tree Position Edit

Prerequisites: Detect Magic

Prerequisite for: Mage Light

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