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Description Edit

Create an animal (IQ 5 or less) that does your mental bidding while it exists. A created living being continues to exist until the caster stops maintaining the spell, or until it is killed, at which point it vanishes. A living creation must be identical to a “real” living being with which the caster is familiar. You cannot create an imaginary being, or even a real creature of which you have only heard stories. Neither can you create a bear with poison fangs . . . but some wizards occasionally research private variations on the spell to make unusual creatures.
Create Animal may also be used to create a swarm of small creatures (p. B461). A “swarm” costs 2 energy to create.

Stats Edit

Duration: 1 minute

Cost: 2, multiplied by 1 + SM for animals larger than SM 0. Half that to maintain.

Time to cast: Equal to cost, in seconds.

Tree Position Edit

Prerequisites: Create Water, Create Object, and IQ 12 or higher

Prerequisite for:

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